Private Re-Homing

The following dogs are not from the Pound. Their owners are no longer able to care for them and have asked Friends of the Pound to place a notice on this website. Friends of the Pound take no responsibility for these dogs. Please contact their owners directly. All dogs in NSW must be microchipped and lifetime registered before being passed on to a new owner.

Posted 31.07.2015
  • Chihuahua
  • Desexed Female
  • 8-10 years

Toonie is a teacup Chihuahua who loves to go for a walk or play. She would sit on your lap all day, but if there is sunshine she may opt to head outside and soak it up. She takes herself out to go to the bathroom, has not made a mess inside. She  is so small that I would not let her go to anywhere with kids. Just had her teeth done.

Contact Barbara on 0416 524 075 or 07 5633 0302

Posted 10 April 2015
Rocky & Cheeko
  • Desexed Male

Rocky is approx 11 years old and Cheeko (son) approximately 8 years old. They are used to daily walks - approx half an hour. They are inside dogs both day and night but do love the outdoors also. They would ideally suit a retired couple as they love company.

Contact (9am to 5pm) Pam 02 5613 6507 or 0421 017 461

Posted 15 March 2015
Toby and Luna
  • Toby (the Border Collie) and Luna (the Siberian Husky)
  • Desexed Male
  • Toby 5 years Luna 8

Toby and Luna need a new home and as they love each other they want to stay together. They are great family pets - loving and always wanting to please. Toby, the Border Collie can even do tricks ! Both dogs are de sexed, microchipped and in good health. Toby is 5 years old and Luna is 8 years. They come with everything including extra large dog hutch, outdoor beds, coats, bowls, leads, brushes etc.

For further information please contact Amanda on 0419 783 824 or email

Posted 6 Feb 2015
  • Swedish Shepard
  • Desexed Male
  • 10 years

Kimba is beautiful, kind and gentle. He has spent the past 4 years sharing a a yard with my 2 children. He is excellent with them.  We take Kimba out regularly although we do choose places that arn't so populated with other dogs. He has never been aggressive with other dogs however has only had limited encounters with others. He is a regretful rehome. We love him and we will be so sad when he leaves our home.

Contact Sarah on 0439 625 564 or

Posted 3 Feb 2015
  • Rottie x
  • Desexed Female
  • 4+ years

Hi my name is Gemma - I'm a gorgeous Rottie x possibly Black Labrador.  I was adopted from Friends of the Pound about 4+ years ago and had been rescued from an abusive environment where sadly I had been beaten. Thankfully with unconditional love I have come to trust more and love being the centre of my carers world. I still am frightened by yelling, loud noises and storms. I'm not sure around kids so sometimes I'm unpredictable but I'd be perfect for a loving couple or single lady. I'm very well behaved and I've learnt lots of words like "bone, dinner, cuddles, walk, swim, sit, stay, up, inside, outside, drink, toilet and of course "on your bed and time for bed". I love snuggling on the couch watching TV. I love going for walks and swimming every day if possible. I've grown used to creature comforts and I get bathed and conditioned in Alloveen fortnightly so I smell and look gorgeous and love a fluffy clean bed inside the house. I would be extremely grateful to be fostered or re homed as soon as possible.

Contact is Nalini on 0414 254 393.

Posted 13 Oct 2014
  • Staffy x Bull Terrior
  • Desexed Male
  • 7 years

Tybo is searching for a new home and loyal companion to take care. Somebody who is alive and fit and healthy to give him the plenty of exercise he needs. Someone who is committed to the challenge of helping him to get along with other dogs, and some obedience training on a leash. Tybo loves people and will melt into your heart quickly. He enjoys cuddles most of all and is used to sleeping inside where it is warm and cosy. Tybo looks forward to meeting you.

Contact Pam on 02 5613 6507 or 0421 017 461.

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