Private Re-Homing

The following dogs are not from the Pound. Their owners are no longer able to care for them and have asked Friends of the Pound to place a notice on this website. Friends of the Pound take no responsibility for these dogs. Please contact their owners directly. All dogs in NSW must be microchipped and lifetime registered before being passed on to a new owner.

  • Dachshund X
  • Desexed Male
  • 11 years

Oscar went off with his new family and doggy friend Sally yesterday.  We are sure he will settle in happily and be well cared for.

Oscar is the most beautiful dog. He weighs 6.4kgs and is in the best of health. He was C5 vaccinated and given his yearly Heart Guard today (5/6/2014). Oscar has no signs of arthritis and appears to be in very good health with very good teeth. He loves his walks on the beach (or anywhere), is not a barker, digger or chewer. Oscar can use a doggy door and is very polite an well mannered. He loves all dogs and appears to be fine with cats. He is the sort of dog that could live to be 20 even though he was born on 25 September 2002, making him 11, he is much more like a 7 or 8 year old dog. Oscar is happy and very well adjusted. His foster carer has had him for 20 months and says that Oscar has no issues at all. He is the perfect little fellow. Oscar is on no medications and is not a fussy eater. He is happy to sit on your lap, or his bed. Likes to be brushes and loves human company. He was surrendered to the RSPCA in Brisbane when his owner ran into financial difficulties. Rescued by a well meaning group he has been left in foster care for 20 months. Oscar has been living with 4-6 Dachshunds and has been a perfect gentleman. His foster carer says that Oscar is the best dog he has ever met - he cannot be faulted. If you would like more photos or to meet Oscar please call Yolana on 0449049136.

If you can give Oscar a loving home, contact Yolana on 0449 049 136

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