The benefits of adopting an animal from us

  • Buying a rescue animal saves a life.
  • You can meet and get to know your animal before you commit to purchase it.  Arrange to bring your current dog to meet the new one or take a cat or dog on trial.
  • You will take home a new member of your family that will love you all unconditionally.
  • You can get a dog from the pound or from Friends of the Pound that has already been through the destructive and time consuming puppy stage. This can often be better with young children, to get an older dog that doesn't jump up, scratch or have sharp teeth. Many dogs have already had some training, and socialisation.
  • Many mixed breed dogs have less problems with their health than purebreds. Although we do get many purebred dogs in the pound and in foster care as well.
  • A rescue pet always seems to know that you have been their saviour, and can repay you tenfold with their loyalty.

One of the main aims of Friends of the Pound (Tweed) Inc is to re-home dogs and cats that have been left homeless. We have a never ending supply of new foster animals. Many have been found roaming the streets while others have been surrendered by their former owners.

Dogs and Puppies
Merry Mutts, Fluff Balls, Gentle Giants, Workaholics, Desperate Co-dependents, Fitness Freaks, Old Gentleman, we have them all. I'm sure we have a dog to suit you. Everyone of the dogs that come into our care have their own special story. All of them are in need of a loving home and a second chance. At the pound we meet dogs and puppies of all shapes, colours, hairstyles and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is the need for a loving and dedicated carer willing to make them an important member of their family. Visit the Pet Care page for more info on what to expect when you bring home your pet for the first time.

Cats and Kittens
We have an amazing variety of cats brought into the pound. The beloved moggy is the most commonly available but we often have purebred members also - Russian Blues, Burmese, Manx as well as fluffy Persian crosses. The Pet Care page offers information on toilet training, vaccinations, worming, flea control as well as what to expect when you take home your new cat. A pound is no place for a kitten but every kitten season we are overwhelmed by what seems to be an endless amount of abandoned and surrendered kittens.

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