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Friends of the Pound have worked incredibly hard over the past eleven years to rehome abandoned orphans to loving, permanent families. We are extremely proud to receive stories of orphans who are now in permanent families of their own and love sharing them with the community.

If you have adopted an orphan from our care, we would love to hear from you, please email your story and photo to

We hope you enjoy our adoption tails, to the right are stories we have received from people that have rescued a companion animal from our care. We hold all of our orphans very close to our hearts and will remember them no matter the length of their stay with us at Friends of the Pound!

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October 12th 2013
Adoption Tail - Pound Dog Midnight
How cooperation between Friends of the Pound and the Tweed Shire Pound has helped find a great home for one lucky dog - Midnight. Since losing my dog of 16 years, 2 years ago I waited till I was ready for my next one and so after searching Friends of the Pound website, I found and adopted a 2 year old female Black Labrador named  Midnight at the end of January 2013. Since coming into my life and family she has brought so much laughter, fun and general...Read more...
September 11th 2013
Missey - The Long Road Home
Friends of the Pound helped out Animal Rights and Rescue in Lismore by taking Missy when they did not have a foster home for her. We rehomed Missy with a lovely family but their circumstances changed and Missy started displaying signs of dog aggression and they were worried for her safety. We took her back and she went into foster care with Phil and Veita Henshaw at Kingscliff. We had many enquiries about Missy but most people had another dog or inadequate fencing. ...Read more...
September 10th 2013
Adoption Tail - Sunny
My name is Sunny “Sunshine” Campbell and I’m a 5 year old Staffy X Ridgeback. I don’t remember much about the beginning of my life but when I was about 2 years old I was found wandering around the streets. My tummy was full of whip worms and I wasn’t very healthy. I ended up at the pound where a wonderful group of people from Friends of the Pound saved me and put me into foster care. They chose two sisters, Carolyn and Allison to take...Read more...
September 9th 2013
Adoption Tail - Gizmo
We have now had Gizmo for one month and we just love him. He is the most happy waggy boy you could get and we are so glad that we could give him a home. He gets on well with our 2 young daughters and also our older dog who is now 14 years. He seems to love our company...lies down at your feet wherever you are... and we are enjoying having a young dog again who is full of energy and mischief. Keep up the good work that helped us find this great little dog to be a ...Read more...
September 1st 2013
Adoption Tail - Minnie
Minnie Hello. We adopted Minnie from you on Good Friday, she has settled in as if she has always lived here. I have made her a pink shaggy quilt for her comfort as I made a brown one for our other dog Licorice. She is a delightful little dog and we love her, she is fantastic with our grandchildren. We have taken her to the beach and on nice walks and the dog park. She loves going in the car today has been and had a nice haircut. I have attached a photo of...Read more...
August 5th 2013
Adoption Tail - Diego
Hey there!!! My name is Diego...Diego Doyle! As I have just turned 1 and a bit.. I just wanted to take a moment to say a BIG THANK YOU to some very special people and to fill you in on how fab my life is!! Friends Of The guys and girls rule!!! A big thankyou for those humans who have compassion for we the 'dog' kind!...Miss Narelle..and Miss Susie....thankyou for giving me the opportunity to live life and experience it to the fullest!!!! I also...Read more...
July 7th 2013
Adoption Tail - Bella
Bella is a beautiful black lab cross, who we fell in love with when we were sent a picture of her by e mail. I was impressed, on collecting her, how much she came with, a bed, a cover, a lead, 2 collars, food, she had been thoroughly checked by a vet, vaccinated, wormed, desexed and was micro-chipped!!! More importantly, my mind was at rest that she had a good temperament because we have 3 small children. Bella had been living in one of the 'Friends of The...Read more...

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