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September 10th 2013
What Foster Caring is about
We received a message from a former foster carer, Heath Hewitt, now living on the Sunshine Coast, to say he had written a...Read more...
July 2nd 2013
Fundraising Calendar
The Friends of the Pound Fundraising Committee are in the process of putting together a lovely calendar for 2014 depicting ...Read more...


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Friends of the Pound Tweed Inc.
is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to re-home homeless dogs and cats in the Tweed area and to improve conditions at the Tweed Shire Council Pound.

Our volunteers provide much-needed assistance at the Pound - caring for the animals with feeding, grooming, exercising and giving comfort to those that are traumatised by the experience.

We work with the pound keepers to rescue animals in need of veterinary work, those who do not for some reason cope well in the pound and the few who aren’t sold from the pound. This co-operative relationship means that any animal that passes a vet check at the Tweed Pound will be re-homed either from the pound or by Friends of the Pound.

We also promote the importance of responsible pet ownership and slowly, but surely, hope to lessen the increasing number of homeless animals, particularly through encouraging the desexing of animals to reduce the appalling number of unwanted pets.

We are dependent on donations and the fund-raising efforts of our volunteers to augment money raised from animal sales.

By adopting a foster or pound pet you will be rewarded with unconditional love and lifelong devotion - and you will also be saving a life.

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